November 16, 2016カテゴリ Blog english

Punto D’oro. continues to develop



I’m Tazawa of Punto D’oro.

Yesterday  was ” Super Moon ” ?
I heard that I could look at the different size Moon as usual though, I could not see it because of a cloudy sky in Tokyo 🙂

Recently I’ve showed you new collection  so today, let me show you something created so far.

001 006

Check design

We didn’t make samples of check type this season though…


Angola knit with bias pattern.
This season, we created whole garment based on this design.

014 015

Lastly, popular light knit series in Punto D’oro.
Looking back on our collections like this,
Punto D’oro. creation become more  elaborate in design and enjoy the design pattern knit .
I can feel that Punto D’oro. develops every collection ^^

Next plan has already started.
We are looking forward to showing next Punt D’oro. collecton AW ^^

See you ~