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Punto D’oro. item in store now. ” journal standard luxe ” ~^^ 



Hello !!

I’m Tazawa of Punto D’oro.
Recently, it become cold, yes,  a low table with a heating device ” KOTATSU ” season is coming ,isn’t it ? 🙂
Have you been set up it ?  Of course, I’ve already done. 🙂
Further, it means that Knit season also is coming !!
In this winter, recommended Punto D’oro. knit is displyed in journal standard luxe shop.
Please ckeck !!

img_6935 image-21 image-119

Popular coat with fluffy hood

image-8 image-71 image-41

and fluffy border knit etc…..


Through Punto D’oro.’s  trial and error,  angora hair, which is easy come out, became the material that is difficult to fall out (^^♪

You should visit the journal standard luxe and can see these knit !!

 journal standard luxe






4-4-3 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo Japan


See you.