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Punto D’oro. patterned fluffy knit !!



I’m Tazawa of Punto D’oro.

Today is the last day of November, isn’t it ?

Actually, I haven’t realize that November will be over soon.
I start to be overanxious because November has gone so quickly 🙂

Today I will show you patterned fluffy knit series which is unique.

What is unique is …….

In addition yarn which we were particular ,

we did trial and error many times to express the best look of yarn. ^^;

We are really into knit pattern as well….


This fluffy knit which has stripes with sleeves of basic sweater, makes you look like slender^^

This design enables to coordinate with any item , doesn’t it ? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Randomly stripes coatigan.

It is so warm that you can use it as an outerwear  d( ̄  ̄)


So large stole which is combined horizontal and vertical stripes !
It is likely that you can find out easily, but actually it might be difficult for you to do.

To tell the truth, it is difficult to knit the combination of horizontal stripes and vertical ones.

As a result of our strenuous efforts, finally we could make this combination !!

I have a same material stole with it though, it is so warm incredibly.
It is the one I want to recommend !!

Thank you for reading to the end 🙂

See you !