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Handcraft knit accessories : Knit snood by Punto D’oro.



Finally, the last month of this year, December,  has come !
Really time goes by so quickly, doesn’t it ?
Please be careful not to catch a cold <m(__)m>

Have you heard a handcraft brand ” 60 ROKUMARU ” produced by Maruyasu Corporation ?
The detail →

Punto D’oro.  bases on knit sweater though, we have a request to post a handcraft on the instagram.

Therefore I show you KNIT  SNOOD of knit lover, for knit lover today.  🙂




This is a snood which includes aplaca yarn.
“60 ROKUMARU ” snood kit contains not only yarn but instruction how to knit.
It is really recommended for even beginners ^^

In addition alpaca yarn, 60 ROKUMARU snood kit series has some kinds of yarn.
Please visit the web site

Of course, Punto D’oro. has already released SNOOD  ^^



The first one is made by hand knit, which is more light and looks like warm, isn’t it ?

By the way, it is difficult to express this long size by hand knit actually though,

Knit machines enable to knit intricate and cute pattern which only machines can do. d( ̄  ̄)

See you !